Pendulums, Raisinettes and Badasses

Whenever things in my life seem to be reaching the point of no return, it makes me take note (not surprisingly). You know those moments when you realize that you are rehashing the same negative thoughts and feelings over and over again or you see the whole world falling apart into insanity and chaos. Whether … Continue reading Pendulums, Raisinettes and Badasses

Fear and All That Comes With It

I woke up two nights ago writing in my head. This has always happened throughout my life but I never acted on it and the words left me by the time the morning came around. This time, I asked to please be allowed to remember and recreate this text that I will write now.  My … Continue reading Fear and All That Comes With It

Optimistic but Still Honest?

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this yesterday, which was a difficult day for me in some respects but also had so many blessings. I am choosing not to edit the post because I do think that honesty serves best the message I felt I was meant to get from yesterday and my reflecting on it through this … Continue reading Optimistic but Still Honest?