Dancing with Myself

We all have songs that mean something to us. Songs that bring back memories - your first slow dance, your sports team's theme song, or the soundtrack to your favorite movie. Music is so attached to our life's experiences. Just think about how effective music is in movies or in tv shows. They heighten our … Continue reading Dancing with Myself

Just Breathe

Mindfulness is on everyone’s mind today but I think the concept is often only associated with living calmly and peacefully without stress. As I continue on my path to become a qualified mindfulness teacher, I am realizing that mindfulness is about being human, about living a life where you embrace where you are in every … Continue reading Just Breathe

The Butterfly

I went to a butterfly farm with my daughter several years ago in the spring. We spent an hour in a tropical room filled with luscious plants and butterflies. It was so calming and magical. We came home that day with a caterpillar and a home for it. The plan was to take care of it … Continue reading The Butterfly

Fear and All That Comes With It

I woke up two nights ago writing in my head. This has always happened throughout my life but I never acted on it and the words left me by the time the morning came around. This time, I asked to please be allowed to remember and recreate this text that I will write now.  My … Continue reading Fear and All That Comes With It