Breaking Old Paths – Resh

In this morning's meditation, even before I brought in the Hebrew letter Resh, I saw a circular railroad track in my mind. I saw it break apart and form a ladder reaching upwards. This is the key to the message I received for Resh. I heard that the circular railroad tracks are our habits of … Continue reading Breaking Old Paths – Resh

Stand Up in Your Truth – Tav

Today's message from meditation on 22nd letter Tav: "I see myself as a young girl and an unsure young woman. I am being supported from behind and also pushed forward to stand up. To stand in my truth. I am feeling that I am not ready because I don't know my truth fully yet. I … Continue reading Stand Up in Your Truth – Tav

Zayin – Delicacy and Dirt

Zayin   I meditated today on the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet, an exercise I began a few weeks ago working my way through all of the letters, one at a time. I am starting to recognize more and more by doing this how I receive messages but also that there is a different … Continue reading Zayin – Delicacy and Dirt

Guidance to Start Your Journey

Following the heart means you have to think big. Expansion. The Universe is limitless. These are the same “boundaries” you need to set for yourself. Don’t question whether this is possible, just accept that it is. Doubts are fear. Fear always will hold you back. Also know that the universe lives within us all. All … Continue reading Guidance to Start Your Journey

Viewpoints, Bushes and Plans

  As I was sitting out on my patio this morning looking to find some time and motivation to sit, meditate, write, it occurred to me that how I perceive, react and relate to other people has changed over the past two years.  I came to this thought as I was looking at a rose … Continue reading Viewpoints, Bushes and Plans

Demian and Dachau

Eastside Gallery of former Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany I believe that there is a light and a dark side to every soul. We are all capable of great things, great good or great harm. It is always a choice we have on how we want to move in the world. But what makes most of … Continue reading Demian and Dachau

Dancing with Myself

We all have songs that mean something to us. Songs that bring back memories - your first slow dance, your sports team's theme song, or the soundtrack to your favorite movie. Music is so attached to our life's experiences. Just think about how effective music is in movies or in tv shows. They heighten our … Continue reading Dancing with Myself

Just Breathe

Mindfulness is on everyone’s mind today but I think the concept is often only associated with living calmly and peacefully without stress. As I continue on my path to become a qualified mindfulness teacher, I am realizing that mindfulness is about being human, about living a life where you embrace where you are in every … Continue reading Just Breathe

Pendulums, Raisinettes and Badasses

Whenever things in my life seem to be reaching the point of no return, it makes me take note (not surprisingly). You know those moments when you realize that you are rehashing the same negative thoughts and feelings over and over again or you see the whole world falling apart into insanity and chaos. Whether … Continue reading Pendulums, Raisinettes and Badasses

A Prayer for My Sophie

She knows. Deep in her soul she knows what is true. True to her soul. True to her life's path. True to the reality she is meant to build for herself. That she is worth it. She is worth taking a leap of faith. That her dreams will lead her to where she is meant to go. … Continue reading A Prayer for My Sophie