Love, Work and Spirituality

I decided this week that I need to spend some time with each Archangel and Ascended Master to get to know their energies and just learn more about them. I thought I would start with Archangel Michael, who is already a big presence in my life. He was really the first one I felt come … Continue reading Love, Work and Spirituality

Stripping the Mindfulness Label

What is Mindfulness? I think the better question would be what is it NOT. This year I have taken on the task of creating a business which offers mindfulness training and support for teachers (K-16) called Uplift Teachers. To start I completed an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course through the UMASS Medical School. Before … Continue reading Stripping the Mindfulness Label

Demian and Dachau

Eastside Gallery of former Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany I believe that there is a light and a dark side to every soul. We are all capable of great things, great good or great harm. It is always a choice we have on how we want to move in the world. But what makes most of … Continue reading Demian and Dachau

A Prayer for My Sophie

She knows. Deep in her soul she knows what is true. True to her soul. True to her life's path. True to the reality she is meant to build for herself. That she is worth it. She is worth taking a leap of faith. That her dreams will lead her to where she is meant to go. … Continue reading A Prayer for My Sophie

I’m Still a Monk at Heart

Netley Abbey, Great Britain Rigorous schedules appeal to the perfectionist in me. I rarely drink alcohol. I am in love with the spiritual, maybe even addicted to meditation and connecting with the spiritual world and my own spiritual self. I am intrigued and beginning to embrace the minimalist ideals of living. I love calligraphy (I … Continue reading I’m Still a Monk at Heart

The Butterfly

I went to a butterfly farm with my daughter several years ago in the spring. We spent an hour in a tropical room filled with luscious plants and butterflies. It was so calming and magical. We came home that day with a caterpillar and a home for it. The plan was to take care of it … Continue reading The Butterfly

Fear and All That Comes With It

I woke up two nights ago writing in my head. This has always happened throughout my life but I never acted on it and the words left me by the time the morning came around. This time, I asked to please be allowed to remember and recreate this text that I will write now.  My … Continue reading Fear and All That Comes With It

#MeToo – But Not How You Might Think

Well, 2018 has rolled around and as I listen to the news the #MeToo movement is not going away. In fact, it is taking shape as a human rights movement. Actors in Hollywood are taking the lead, meeting in private and organizing to battle the social consciousness which has fostered and nurtured this alarming environment, … Continue reading #MeToo – But Not How You Might Think

Letting Go of Fear

I meditated today and Jesus, Mary and Joseph came to me. This was completely unexpected. I don’t know much about Joseph and, in fact, didn’t realize during the meditation who he was in relation to Jesus and Mary. Just goes to show you how unChristian I was raised.  Still his presence was significant in the meditation … Continue reading Letting Go of Fear