Forgiveness – What does it mean?

I have been thinking about the idea of forgiveness over the past few days. Someone hurt me. I love this someone. Having never been personally attacked by family before, it was shocking to me. I guess I am a very lucky person to have made it to my 47th year and not ever felt personally … Continue reading Forgiveness – What does it mean?

Come Back Into the Womb

Archangel Chamuel Channeling – I am not sure what will come out, but I will write what comes to me. Rose pink light – Rose quartz – soft, soothing I sit here having just meditated briefly. My body often moves in ways I don’t expect when I meditate. I have found that this is one … Continue reading Come Back Into the Womb

The Two Sides to My Spirit Animal

I don't know about you, but when you looked up your spirit animal (for me the hawk), you get messages about their positive attributes and symbolic meanings. For a hawk, for example, it signifies ... your sense of intuition; your ability to take the lead when the time is right; your power to see clearly; … Continue reading The Two Sides to My Spirit Animal

Unconditional Love

I realized the other day as I was listening to someone speak about unconditional love why I am so angry at someone close to me. Even labeling it as anger in this moment seems strange and new to me. I have never really used that word to describe the complicated emotions that come along with … Continue reading Unconditional Love

Finding Peace Along Your Path

All is as it should be. Things are progressing as they should. You are not supposed to push yourself. You don't need to "produce" to be productive. Some work, the most important kind, is interior work. You are leaping in bounds spiritually. Yes, you have a sense and faith in this. Things are exactly as … Continue reading Finding Peace Along Your Path

This is Love

When you look at an other and envy their beauty, you are not honoring your own beauty. Look to yourself, see your beauty. What about yourself do you find beautiful? unique? Perhaps the color of your eyes, the shape of your eyebrows, your hands, your height, your hair, your strength, your flexibility, your generosity, your … Continue reading This is Love

Love Potions

I have been working on a longer post, which will probably be a few posts really, about forgiveness. What it means to forgive? What it takes to forgive? How to forgive? This morning's meditation showed me what lies at the heart of forgiveness ... Love. At first I had been thinking all love was the … Continue reading Love Potions

Just Keep Going and Step into the Light!

This morning's meditation had me walking into the Divine. I was first given the message that I just needed to take that first step into the Light. I was shown that fear of not being enough and of not being worthy was holding me back. The Light is there for all of us and this … Continue reading Just Keep Going and Step into the Light!

Walking Home – Sonia Choquette

Camino de Santiago or The Way of Saint James was a popular medieval pilgrimage route through northern Spain ending in Santiago de Compostela. Medieval pilgrims could earn indulgences or do penance for past sins by completing the pilgrimage. Today it is one of the most popular and well-known pilgrimage routes in Europe with hundreds of … Continue reading Walking Home – Sonia Choquette

Dipping Into Myself

Today I meditated with the Hindu goddess, Kali. She says it's time to move forward. The lessons I have learned over the past months have opened me up and I am stronger. I have more conviction in what I am doing, and, most importantly, I  have compassion for myself now. So, it's time to open … Continue reading Dipping Into Myself