Christine is a mom, a friend, a teacher, a re-born spiritualist and a former academic, who has always been drawn to the mystical and the spiritual aspects of life. She grew up in a family decidedly not religious or spiritual in any way , yet she found herself exploring, as a teenager and young adult, palmistry, astrology, ghost stories, Shirley MacLaine and all things spiritual and mystical. She didn’t begin seriously studying the world of religion or spirituality until she entered a Masters of Arts program and was introduced to Medieval Studies. As she continued her graduate studies, she realized she not only had a passion for learning about the spiritual world, but also for all things medieval, especially female mystics and feminine mysticism. Since going through a long period of health issues which kept her from her work, her reading, her writing, her creating, she has been given the opportunity to recreate her life and to begin her own spiritual journey.  Here she shares her journey as she moves forward into a new world, where all things are possible and the most important things are unseeable but very “feel-able.” All of these things and more she hopes to explore through this site with you. Each day and each a-ha moment is like a gift with a surprise inside. She hopes to share this joy of discovery with you and maybe gift you with some a-ha moments, as well. She would love this to be interactive, where we can share and explore together ideas and journeys, so feel free to comment on and share her blogs.