Letting Go of Fear


I meditated today and Jesus, Mary and Joseph came to me. This was completely unexpected. I don’t know much about Joseph and, in fact, didn’t realize during the meditation who he was in relation to Jesus and Mary. Just goes to show you how unChristian I was raised.  Still his presence was significant in the meditation because he was the only one who spoke to me though I knew that the other two were there. He talked to me and told me to leave fear behind. He also told me that he was the flock. 

After I told Rob about what I had experienced he told me that Joseph was Mary’s husband. That’s when I looked up what I quickly could on Joseph. The Catholic Saint’s website describes him as Mary’s husband and Jesus’ father. But when I read about his story and saw it as he may have experienced it, his message of letting go of fear made sense. He began his relationship with Mary driven by fear of retribution if the community realized she was a single, unwed mother, which might well be stoning her to death. So, he married her with the plans to send her off to have her baby after the marriage so she could have the baby safely. When the angel came to him to tell him of Jesus’ immaculate conception. The angel urges him “not to be afraid.” He does what the angel tells him and takes Mary as wife and raises Jesus as his son. Then he is driven to move to Egypt. He does so again fearing for the life of his small family. The angel tells him of their imminent danger and he leaves immediately and settles in Egypt. Joseph likely died before Jesus was crucified.

Joseph throughout his adult life feared what catastrophes life may bring, what could befall his family. Mary’s stoning, Jesus’ murder as a small child, leaving all he knew behind to move them to Egypt to keep them safe from harm all were moments of fear and worry for him. Yet, he followed his heart and kept his faith and trust in God and the messages and guidance of the angels. This allowed him not only to avoid the things he feared but also to live life content and happy filled with love.

Joseph spoke to me today because the day before I had met with my spiritual mentor, Jenn, and we had talked about how an irrational fear had been cropping up for me as I do my morning affirmation asking God and Jesus to walk my path before me that I may follow in their footsteps. I also ask to do God’s work here on Earth and to serve His higher purpose. Each time I say this my mind automatically goes to suffering. I associate suffering both bodily and in life as part of this service. I feel that this is tied to many past lives which was confirmed both by my mentor and also by a meditation I had with Jesus. He told me that his path was not my path. We each walk our own. He showed me a past life where I was a zealot (he gave me this word) and believed in scourging and purging my body and also martyring myself in my service of the Lord. So today, Joseph comes to me and shows me that he too walked a path where he followed God and Jesus and was always kept safe by God and the angels. 

The idea of Joseph as the flock ties together with his being the Saint of the Universal Church but also as the protector of the Church just as he protected Mary and Jesus. He was a man who followed his heart, kept his faith and trusted in God. Just as we all are asked to do in our lives as part of the flock of God. This is why he told me that he would 


walk beside me as I walked my path following in Jesus’ footsteps. Just as he walked beside the young Jesus and kept him safe from harm and gave him love and nurtured him, so too does he nurture us. An invocation to Saint Joseph includes; “Oh, Saint Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place in you all my interests and desires.” (emphasis mine) Ha! Or an even better use of this invocation used in early 16th century; “Whoever shall read this prayer or hear it, or keep it about themselves, shall never die a sudden death or be drowned, nor shall poison take effect on them; neither shall they fall into the hands of the enemy, or shall be burned in any fire or shall be overpowered in any battle. Say for nine mornings in a row for anything you may desire. It has never been known to fail.” My fears all deal with terrible suffering of devoting my life and purpose to God, then Saint Joseph comes to me and I find these protective powers associated with him. Finally, demons dread him! lol I rest my case.

[ One last side note that I have added to my WORD notes. Joseph is the name giver. He gave Jesus his name. ]

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